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1000 Cinematic Color Presets – Lut Pack for Premiere Pro

Project includes:

  • 1000 Color Grading Presets for Premiere Pr
  • 15 VHS Looks Effects
  • 5 Old Film Looks
  • 20 Light Leak overlays

Design includes Premiere Pro preset train. prfpset
and 3d lut lines. cell
cell lines may be used also in After Goods, Final Cut, Davinci Resolve etc.
1000 unique color presets for color grading
12 orders of videotape styles
Upstanding (80), Cinematic (100), Fashion (50), Skin (50), Special (50), Trip (100), Urban (70), Vlog (100), Marriage (200), Instagram (50), Creative (50), Vintage (100)
Use it like premiere Pro presets
Or just elect demanded. cell 3d lut train in lumetri color
15 VHS style goods (VHS Goods Preview)
15 noise overlay footages
5 Old Film looks 10 scrapes overlays
20 Light Leaks footages


This pack will help you to make your videotape looks great, get cinematic professional look. Acclimate your family or trip videotape in several clicks, just apply one of 1000 color grading presets on your footage right in premiere pro. 12 orders of presets are for helping you to navigate, there’s no necessary to try on every 1000 preset, just choose order close to your type of videotape and apply demanded preset. Names of presets contains information about it s color and tone, so you’ll find one, that looks perfect on your footage.



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