AdobeLightroom Presets

19 Into The Dark Lightroom Presets

– Professional and unique result attainable in one click

-100non-destructive, we’ve been tested them on different prints, and the results is stupendous

. -For both pro and amateur

– Quality above volume. You’ll noway see from our platoon 100-in-1 presets, with veritably minor changes between each other, exept packets. We admire our guests and trying our stylish to give redundant high quality product.

– This presets do n’t change the WB (White Balance) of your image, they work with color, exposure, discrepancy, whites, blacks, HSL, colors etc. This means that if your WB is” OK”, they do nearly the same effect as on the exercise image, and this is stupendous

-Easy to use, just one click FAQ train important support if demanded

-Easy customizable

-Both MAC & PC

– Designed to be used with any resolution

-No camera estimation biographies demanded

– Need some changes with over-and underexposed prints

-The train type. lrtemplate

– Supports. jpg,. tiff and RAW (. arw,. srf,. sr2,. crw,. cr2,. dng,.3 fr,. mef,. nef,. nrw,. ptx,. pef,. raf,. rw1,. rw2,. srw andetc.)

-Requires Adobe Lightroom from3.x to CC




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