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50 Premium Wedding Lightroom Presets

50 Premium Wedding Lightroom Presets is a BeArt effective Collection of expert Lightroom Presets that’s ideal for innovative photographers and image designers. This is a complete suite of Lightroom Presets, designed to significantly enhance workflows for processing and modifying wedding ceremony photos. With this collection, you’ll be capable of speedy and effortlessly upload a expert end on your images. This Premium Wedding Lightroom Presets Collection is a MUST HAVE for wedding ceremony photographers.


• 50 Premium Wedding Lightroom Presets are compatible with Lightroom 4 – 6 and all Creative Cloud (CC – CC2015) versions. It is also compatible with both a Mac and PC.

• All BeArt presets are fully customizable.

• Smart adjustments & professional results.

• Supported file formats: DNG, TIFF, and JPEG formats (in other words, the formats primarily used in digital cameras). Lightroom 5 also supports the PSD file format for enhanced integration with Photoshop.

• Premium Wedding Lightroom Presets BeArt Collection provides all the tools you need for a complete wedding workflow.

• Detailed PDF help file.



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