AdobeLightroom Presets

ARTA – Seaside Presets for Lightroom

These presets are perfect for a constant instagram feed in a beautiful style with ultramodern colours for a trip, photography, fashion or life blogger and anyone who wants to bring their prints to a better quality. These presets are completely created and it’s a veritably good base for your prints to take them to the coming position.
The presets are tested with prints taken with different phones but also with professional DSLR cameras for a better experience for everyone.

Easy to use, you have a textbook- grounded tutorial that will help you install the presets.
Compatible with the App Lightroom on iOS/ Android, but also on the Desktop Lightroom interpretation.
All ARTA presets are for both performances.
The presets work in the FREE Lightroom App, it doesn’t have to be a subscription.
Please remember, all prints and cameras are different, these presets are a good base from which you can make a many adaptations to really nail those prints.

On the Desktop make sure you have Lightroom CC.

  • The Desktop Presets have .XMP files.
  • The Mobile Presets are .DNG files.



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