Astro Panel 6.0 – Plugin for Photoshop [Windows/MacOS]

Astro panel is the stylish drawheft for Adobe Photoshop CC and integrates advanced functions for digital processing of the Milky Way, deep sky images and geographies.

We decided to give this new Astropanel the name “ Pro” because everything is revolutionized indeed the old functions have been fully redesigned and made more fluid and important.

In addition to perfecting the entire product, we’ve enforced the following new feature:

    • Saturation: For ever more vivid and perfect colors.
    • Orton Pro: Unlike the classic Orton, this time you will have the possibility to customize the effect to your liking.
    • Orton Sharp: Don’t you like the dream effect because it makes you lose detail? Our programmers have found the perfect solution to have a clean, crisp Orton effect that doesn’t spoil the details.
    • Glow: For a soft and decisive effect.
    • Vignette: For professional and advanced vignetting.
    • Rescue HighLights: To recover the lights without creating artifacts.
    • Rescue Shadows: To recover the shadows without creating noise.
    • Noise Reduction Shadows: To reduce noise from the heaths.
    • Noise Chrominance Reduction
    • New Noise Reduction
    • Refined Clarity
    • Mid-HighLights contrast 50%
    • AstroNoise Reduction: To reduce noise without affecting the haze
    • AstroNoise Luminance Reduction: To reduce the luminance without creating artifacts
    • AstroNoise Chrominance Reduction: To reduce chrominance without affecting haze
    • Remove Green Cast: To reduce the green cast typical in astrophotography
    • Group
    • Sum
    • Duplicate
  • Camera Raw



For Windows:

For MacOSx:


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