How to find your WIFI password on an iPhone

Your iPhone is going with you a pretty good deal anywhere you go, and until you’ve got limitless information about your mobile plan, you’ve likely linked to dozens of wi-fi hotspots over the years. Wi-fi passwords are stored for your iPhone so you can auto-hook up with the router or private hotspot again; however, locating the apparent textual content password for a community has been challenging.

While iOS 15 and older software program variations could take into account wi-fi passwords for all of the wi-fi get entry to factors you correctly linked to, there has yet to be an apparent manner to retrieve a community’s unobfuscated password. Your iPhone could allow you to proportion a stored hotspot’s password to every other tool trying to connect with the community in question, however handiest with different Apple devices.

That all modified with Apple`s iOS sixteen updates. Now it is simply as smooth to locate and monitor simple textual content passwords for all your stored Wi-Fi networks to your iPhone because it has been on Android for years. The alternate also seems in iPadOS sixteen.1 for iPad, which launched on October 24.

Find Your Saved Wi-Fi Passwords in iOS 16

It’s smooth to discover saved Wi-Fi passwords for your iPhone so long as you walk iOS 16. zero or later. When withinside the “Wi-Fi” menu withinside, the Settings app faucet the info (i) button after the Wi-Fi community you are presently on, and you may see a new “Password” area beneath each the “Auto-Join” toggle.

Touch the password dots, after which authenticate yourself using Face ID, Touch ID, or your passcode. Once established, iOS sixteen will monitor the apparent textual content password. It may even offer a quick “Copy” alternative if you need to replicate it for your clipboard to stick somewhere else, like in an iMessage.

You can do the equal aspect for any close by Wi-Fi hotspot withinside the Network listing that your iPhone or some other iCloud-related Apple tool stored. More importantly, you could screen the passwords for all stored networks, regardless of if they’re in near proximity or not.

From the Wi-Fi settings, faucet the new “Edit” button and authenticate your self the usage of Face ID, Touch ID, or your passcode. Once authenticated, you may see a listing of Known Networks, which can be all the hotspots you have stored in your iPhone or iCloud Keychain out of your different Apple devices. You’ll additionally see Managed Networks. However, the ones are simply Wi-Fi networks your cell service makes use of to assist in holding the burden off its cell networks.

Tap the info (i) button subsequent to any Wi-Fi community stored with inside the Known Networks listing, and you may see a new “Password” area below the “Auto-Join” toggle. Touch the password dots, and iOS sixteen will screen the apparent textual content password with the quick “Copy” choice available. If you do not see a niche for a password, it is possibly an open Wi-Fi hotspot with no security.

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