Jeg Paywall & Content Subscriptions System with Paypal for WooCommerce

Jeg Paywall Paypal – WooCommerce Extension

Quick and easy way to boost your profit. Circumscribe access to your decoration content and monetize it via paid subscriptions.
Fluently admit payment using PayPal

Reach guests from each over the world with payment styles that have been used encyclopedically

Jeg Paywall PayPal Features

Easy Content Restriction

Restrict access to your premium content, but still provide summary of what writen inside your premium content. It’s easy to setup, and can be enabled on certain post only.

Subscription System

Subcription / Membership provide better way for you to earn revenue from your content. With recuring payment, you can expect steady income each time period. We integrate Popular payment gateway PayPal into this system.

Flexible Pricing Options

We are not only provide membership / subcription with recuring type payment. We also provide Pay per post feature. It will give your visitor option before they decide to join your membership club.

Custom Post Type Support

Gives flexibility to the content that you want to restrict. Not only on posts but also on custom post types.

For Any WordPress Theme

You can use Jeg Paywall Paypal with your favorite themes that work with WooCommerce.

Support & Documentation

We provide support for each of buyers of this plugin. You are able to access documentation on our support forum


Password: www.techxy.org

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