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Pitch Deck Start Up PowerPoint

** Powerbiz-Pitch Deck Keynote Template is a pitch sundeck donation for companies, agencies, freelancers etc. Get a minimum, simple, clean, and professional design conception and prepare high- quality pitch sundeck donation templates in twinkles.

Egotype Design Pitch Deck Presentation Templates save you time, as they ’re a whole lot quicker than trying to design a sundeck from scrape. Also, starting with a template means that you can primarily spend your time and attention on the content of your donation, while the visual style is formerly designed to be engaging.

Donation for Google Slide (pptx for google upload)
30 donation slides in aggregate.
30 unique and editable donation slides design.
169 Full HD widescreen slide format (1920 x 1080 pixels).
Only free sources used
No need Adobe Photoshop or any other image editor.
Full vector plates included for easy editing.
Completely editable textbook.
Easy to change color theme.
Drag and drop image to screen mockups.

Included Lines

MS Powerpoint (pptx. for Google Upload)
Attestation Train

Prints in the exercise aren’t included. Vector Shape Illustrations are included. Sources used aren’t included, they could be dowloaded from the links on the Attestation Train.




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