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Timer Ticks and Dings

About these sounds.

This item contains set of learned, seamlessly looping timepiece/ timekeeper ticks and corresponding bell dings, perfect for use in vids, apps, and games.

Timekeeper Ticks and Dings-1 Included Lines.

There are THREE unique timekeeper crack flawless circles and THREE timekeeper bell dings included in this item, giving you redundant choice and inflexibility. Then they’re in order of appearance in the exercise track

Timekeeper Ticks 01 (10 seconds circle) Timekeeper Ticks and Dings-2
Timekeeper Ticks 02 (10 seconds circle) Timekeeper Ticks and Dings-3
Timekeeper Ticks 03 (10 seconds circle) Timekeeper Ticks and Dings-4
Timer Ding 01 (5 seconds)
Timer Ding 02 (3 seconds)
Timer Ding 03 (3 seconds)
Each sound is its own separate train handed as full resolution WAV and high quality MP3.




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