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Uplifting Inspiring Upbeat Corporate (Both Versions)

Upbeat Commercial background music with an uplifting, motivational and inspiring mood!
It’ll be perfect for inspire monning provocation, inspiring videotape, inspirational commercial videotape, corporative provocation, inspire enterprise videotape, motivating donation, inspirational advertising, upping ambient background, marketable motivational advertising, uplifting donation, commercial promotional, inspiring youtube, inspirational timelapse and geography and further.
Happy, upbeat and instigative commercial background has an energetic and motivational alleviation. It’s useful for promotional, donation templates, advertising, adventure, trip or explainer vids, marketable events, vlogs and blogs.

Also it can be used for infographic, conference nature, educational, academy and educational, council and university vids, confidentially, tutorial, digital technology, promotional, Television advertisements, commercial news, business systems, viral marketing, web announcement, games, operations, montages, timelapses and further!
.Mood of this ultramodern and minimum soundtrack is energetic, funny, joyous, auspicious, positive, uplifting.

Beautiful, comforting and peaceful music will be perfect for similar successful systems as creative vids like donation, explainer, tutorial, marketable, flicks, explainer vids,, slideshows, exordiums and openers, real estate, trip vids, inventions, medical, educational, cinematic, confident, relaxing vids, talkie and numerous further!


Main track length 2:20
Additional track lengths 1:21
Bit rate 320 kbps
Sample rate 16-Bit Stereo, 44.1 kHz
Looped No
Tempo 130 BPM


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