Videor – Video Clipping Mask for Elementor

Make your WordPress point original and seductive using the Videor plugin. This simple plugin allows you to apply any shape for your videotape using a trimming mask to get an eye- catching element on your point. In addition, you can use the item to add a videotape background for the textbook or other blocks to help amplify your point’s communication and engage callers.

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The Videor plugin provides different videotape sources, it can be added via YouTube, Vimeo link, or from the point media library. Along with this, you can manage different useful features for the videotape box. The Elementor contrivance comes with 40 preset videotape masks that can be applied presto and fluently. You can indeed use a custom shape in SVG format. The videotape trimming mask is an intriguing result for your videotape gallery or portfolio that doesn’t bear fresh knowledge of rendering or CSS and offers your callers commodity new.

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Preview: https://bit.ly/3CtYuOx
Download: https://bit.ly/3KxYEXX
Password: www.techxy.org

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